Air Purification and Disinfection Systems

EASYTEC’s new photocatalytic air purification systems and UVC air disinfection systems are the optimal solutions for creating and maintaining the best indoor air quality. Free from dangerous viruses, bacteria, fungi, and many other harmful organic compounds present in the air.

In addition, our systems are visually appealing, noiseless, maintenance-free, and best of all, take up no space.

UV Devices

We offer a wide range of different UV LED radiators to best serve our customers and perfectly meet their project requirements. From low power irradiance to super high power with an irradiance of 0-40 W/cm². Our products are also available in different wavelengths. We offer radiators with wavelengths from 275 nm to 410 nm. Furthermore, we integrate 2 different types of cooling: water cooling and air cooling, depending on the use and application.


EASYTEC’s innovative and cost-saving NIR LED radiators deliver the best results, as they have been specially developed for drying and curing coatings. The NIR LED radiators are available with a freely scalable emission window with a wide range of radiation powers.

We offer several radiation outputs in different wavelength ranges from 810 nm to 1050 nm.

Laboratory Devices

If you want to test your products and have access to a complete laboratory at any time, we offer you EASYTEC UV-/NIR-LED compact systems!

Measuring Devices

Our measuring devices are designed to measure and validate UV LED radiation sources. The compact design makes them perfect for use in industries such as UV curing, UV drying, photoresist exposure, printing, and many other applications.