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Energy saving UV-LED Lamps and Radiators!
UVA and UVC LED Fleet:

We offer various UV-LED lamps and emitters to serve our customers best and perfectly meet their project needs. From low power irradiance intensity to super high power with an irradiance of 0-40 W/cm². Our products are also available in different wavelengths. We offer emitters with wavelengths from 255 nm to 410 nm. It is possible to integrate different types of cooling: Water cooling, combined air-water cooling, and air cooling, based on the use and application.


Overview of our UVA radiator:

Overview of our UVC radiator:

Flexible and customized:

In addition to our series products, we can customize our products to meet our customer’s needs and requirements. Our UV-LED lamps and radiators are flexible in mechanics and optoelectronics and can be designed to fully support small and large projects.

Moreover, our experts will support you in the design and implementation of your task and analyze your plant and machine components to optimize the use of technology and costs. Thus, not only our products are customized specifically for your project, but also our engineering services.

Energy saving and long service life:

EASYTEC UV-LED maps and radiators have a very long service life of up to 50,000 operating hours. In addition, the radiators have a very low energy requirement compared to conventional UV-LED lamps. Together with the optimization that is applied to the projects by our experts, the energy saving can be up to 90%.

Our products are developed and produced in Germany to high-quality standards, in accordance with international regulations, and with assured durability.


From our many years of experience in many industrial sectors, we bring our cross-sector know-how to your projects. This applies to both our methodological knowledge and our application knowledge. Our products are used in a wide range of industries and applications, such as automotive, automation technology, chemical industry, electronics, furniture industry, plastics, solar / glass, as well as air disinfection and purification.

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