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Laboratory devices

EASYTEC UV/NIR-LED compact system

If you want to test your products and have access to a complete laboratory at any time, we offer you EASYTEC UV/NIR LED compact systems!

Components of our UV/NIR LED compact systems

  1. UV/NIR LED radiator ( intensity of irradiation, wavelength, and working width as required)
  2. Power Supply
  3. Belt conveyors with continuously adjustable speed, optionally with on/off mode (sensor controlled)
  4. PLC control for maximum flexibility and Industry 4.0 version
  5. Touch panel operation as 6″ colour display (with recipe processing)
  6. Compression recooling unit (for cooling medium)
  7. Manual height adjustment and digital display: accuracy 1/10 mm (optional)
  8. Inerting chamber: nitrogen, CO2, … (optional)
  9. Nitrogen Generator (optional)

UV/NIR tabletop unit

In addition to our mobile compact laboratory unit, we also offer a portable version as a compact table-top unit. This unit can be used to connect any of the following UV LED lamps:

¬†ūü󳬆UVA-LED (e.g.¬†365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm)

¬†ūüół UVC LED (e.g. 255 nm, 275nm)

¬†ūüół NIR LED (e.g. 850nm, 940nm, 1050 nm)

(irradiance, wavelength and working width as required)

The compact table-top unit has standard dimensions of 42x39x24 cm (LxWxH) and includes all the necessary components for:

¬†ūü󳬆Power supply

¬†ūü󳬆Fluid Cooling Unit

¬†ūü󳬆Illuminance dimming

¬†ūü󳬆Error display

In addition, the device can be supplemented with a belt conveyor in table design. The belt dimensions are freely selectable and the belt speed is adjustable via potentiometer.

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