UV-NIR-LED curing

A New Era of UV-NIR-LED Coating and Curing!

Development and engineering of 360° Greentech products with UV-NIR-LED systems and technology 

EASYTEC offers UV-NIR-LED curing systems and customized UV-NIR LED Curing solutions that can be tailored specifically to your project and business needs. You can achieve better and faster results with energy saving, high performance, and long lifespan UV-NIR-LED curing systems.

Moreover, our air and water-cooled UV-NIR-LED systems and curing products offer various irradiance intensities, wavelengths, and emitter sizes for various industrial applications. In addition, we at EASYTEC offer you full support for small and large projects with our engineering and project management services.

UV-NIR-LED Härtung

UV-LED curing

Time is money, and energy is money too! With the new UV-LED radiators from EASYTEC, you can save an enormous amount of time and energy! Paints and varnishes can be dried and hardened in a fraction of a second using high-quality series of customized UV LED radiators. EASYTEC supplies UV LED technology products designed to coat foils, plastics, stone and concrete panels, wood, glass/solar panels, eyeglass lenses, or even metals in the best quality. 

Our easily adaptable and easy-to-install UV-LED systems, combined with high quality, energy efficiency, and long service life of the UV LED lamps, make them the best solution for a wide range of applications. The systems can be used in many different industries such as automotive, plastics, printing, electronics, furniture, and many more! Moreover, at EASYTEC, we offer full support for small and large projects with the help of our engineering and project management services.

NIR LED Curing

The durable NIR LED emitters are particularly suitable for energy-saving drying and curing of all types of surfaces. Our LED infrared radiation only generates heat on the surfaces during use, without heating the substrates and the surrounding air. EASYTEC’s NIR LED products can be used as a series or customized to meet your specific needs with various NIR wavelengths, powers, and sizes to choose from. Everything can be controlled through our user-friendly control system and touch panel.

Our NIR-LED radiators are the result of over 20 years of experience, combined with the innovative power of German development and certified production. The radiators are designed to have a service life of up to 50,000 hours and can save enormous energy costs over their lifetime.