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EASYTEC GmbH is the world’s innovative market leader in the manufacture of environmentally friendly UV LED air disinfection and air purification solutions. We also develop energy-saving and high-quality UV/NIR LED products for curing UV coatings. We also offer comprehensive technical solutions tailored to our customer’s exact needs, regardless of the complexity of the project requirements. We work closely with our partners and customers to develop and produce the best and highest quality products to keep us and our customers ahead of the competition.


EASYTEC GmbH was founded in 2009 in Aachen, Germany, where our technology center is also located. Our production and administration is a little further south of Aachen in Roetgen in the northern Eifel region. EASYTEC is the result of more than 20 years of practical experience, research, innovation, and experimentation in the development of high-power UV and NIR LED technology. Our passion for developing and manufacturing the best quality UV and NIR LED radiators has led us to serve customers worldwide.


At EASYTEC GmbH, we strive for a brighter future and believe that violet is the new green in optical technology. This is due to the enormous energy savings and long life of our products. In addition, with the chemical-free technology we use in our eco-friendly products, no ozone is created.


The advantages and environmental benefits of our LED technology are countless. That is why we are working every day to expand the scope of this technology and integrate it into various industries.

Our values


Taking responsibility is a fundamental requirement for us. Our trusting working environment encourages and demands independent work and guarantees individual freedom to make one’s own decisions. It is the responsibility of each individual to carefully assess the consequences of their actions and to act accordingly to make truly informed and sustainable decisions.

We take responsibility for our employees, for our customers, and above all for the environment.


Enthusiasm is the driving force behind our performance. The fascination for green technologies is permanently perceptible in our internal cooperation. Our enthusiasm is tangible and infectious in customer contact.

We live for meaningful technological progress.


Innovation is a state of mind. We reinvent and develop ourselves, our products, systems, and processes. Innovation is a matter of principle for us. Not purely for the sake of groundbreaking invention and recognition, but with the aim of achieving a successful outcome.

We are constantly improving for more sustainable value creation.


Sustainability is a way of living. Our daily actions in all areas of the company follow the paradigm of resource conservation. We develop products and systems that radically save energy, can at best be completely recycled, and have an above-average service life. The individual components are easily replaceable in the long term and come as completely as possible without environmental toxins. We use absolutely every possibility to produce our products in a more resource-friendly way.

We act effectively to preserve our environment.


Certified effectiveness of a room air decontamination by means of a UVC LED disinfection tunnel with regard to a germ reduction of aerosolised germs.

EASYTEC GmbH Corona Certificate 99.9% Disinfection rate