Technologieregion Aachen

Our Development as well as our Test and Demonstration Laboratory are located at the South of Aachen, called "Silikon Valley" (Pascalstraße 6). Here, we develop new technologies, hardware and software, as well as, of course, our innovative High-Power UV-LED radiators. Here, we are also pleased to test the products and processes with manufacturers of polymerisable materials and end customers and to demonstrate the functionality and performance of our products.

About the location of Aachen

The location of Aachen is distinguished by a high concentration of cross-border engineering research and development on a highest level. The City of Aachen and the adjacent environs stand for world-famous universities and research facilities:

  • the Excellence University RWTH Aachen with approx. 35,000 students and its internationallyrenowned institutes, research facilities, and laboratories;
  • the FH Aachen (University of Applied Sciences) with approx. 9,000 students;
  • and additional universities in the European vicinity within 30 kilometres in Liège, Maastricht,and Heerlen with a total of 40,000 students.

In addition, the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT), as well as the largest multidisciplinary research centre of Europe, the Jülich Research Centre (Forschungszentrum Jülich) are in close proximity.

Here we have a unique network for technology transfer between science and industry. And we make intensive use of such a transfer of technology, know-how, and resources in the technology region of Aachen to the advantage of our customers. Here, in the heart of Europe, at the three-country corner of Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, we find our qualified junior staff.

Administration and Manufacturing in Roetgen

While we develop, test, and demonstrate our technology in Aachen, our Administration and Manufacturing are concentrated at the location of Roetgen, the gate to the National Park Eifel, approx. 15 km south of Aachen.