EASYTEC is a worldwide technology leader in industrial drying and curing of polymerisable coatings such as UV lacquers, paint, and adhesives by means of UV-LED technology.

In the form of an environmentally friendly and resource-saving solution, EASYTEC’s innovative High-Power UV-LED radiators combine:

  • highest radiation power and result quality,
  • unique technical advantages,
  • as well as maintenance friendliness and user friendlines.

Components and materials of EASYTEC’s UV-LED radiators are in accordance with the latest state-of-the-art – “made in Germany“.

Scarcity of worldwide energy resources and climate change are already today one of the greatest challenges of humanity. An increasing shortage of energy resources and hence increasing energy prices are foreseeable.

Any smart investment strategy takes account of this irreversible development. It opts for foresightful, cost-conscious, and at the same time ecologically responsible investments in the new generation of UV curing with a high added value for users.