EASYTEC’s UV-LED radiators are used everywhere where the crosslinking process of polymerisable coatings can photochemically be stimulated by UVA/UVV radiation. Application possibilities are therefore varied.

Drying and curing of UV priming coats, lacquers, and paint is currently the main application area of EASYTEC’s radiators. The coatings are adjusted to the given wavelength peaks of the LED heads. Alternatively, the radiator heads can be aligned to the lacquers within the framework of the installed wavelength peaks via the touch panel. Due to the high optical power of the radiators, an inert atmosphere is not required.

In addition to painting and coating processes on wood, plastics, and metal, UV-LED radiators are particularly suitable for heat sensitive materials, e.g. foils and paper. This is possible due to the fact that the infrared radiation does not generate any heat during the application.

Our customers also appreciate the small construction dimensions of the radiators through which we will solve your drying problems in the face of spatial challenges. This applies both to installations in limited space and to the workpieces themselves: The compact construction means for our customers that their plants will be considerably shorter. And in addition, no space for suction systems must be reserved.